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Who We Are

We are a forward thinking and dynamic property company specialising in property sale solutions that allow homeowners obtain the full market value for their properties.

Our unique approach allows us to match you with buyers who are willing to pay the full market value for your home.

What We Offer

In summary, here is how it works...

  • We agree on a purchase price and exchange rent to buy contracts with a potential buyer.
  • The Buyer pays you rent until they buy. You can use this to pay your mortgage and can keep any profit! They carry out all repairs and we manage the property for you
  • In addition to the rent, the buyer pays a monthly sum on top to build up their deposit ready to use when they buy the house with a mortgage - this means that they too have a financial commitment.
  • At an agreed point in the future (up to a maximum of 10 years) the buyer exercises their option to complete the purchase and the property is transferred.
  • The buyers are committed to complete. If they don't or can't, you get to keep ALL of their deposit payments so you are still in a better position than previously.
  • This is an IDEAL solution for someone who needs to move on from their property and is happy to wait for equity to be released from the property when the sale completes.

Read more about how the process of selling to us works.....

Who Is This Ideal For?

  • Couples going through a divorce and looking to get rid of a house quickly that has no equity in it.
  • Developers who cannot afford to refurbish their house to sell it.
  • A home seller who doesn't have enough equity to drop their sale price on their property.
  • Anyone needing to relocate for work and who has no equity or time to sell.
  • In fact, we can help anyone who simply wants to get rid of their property quickly and is not expecting to release the equity (if available) until a point in the future.

5 Reasons To Contact Us Today

  • Secure a price at today's value.
  • Achieve a sale even if there is little or no equity in the property.
  • Rent payments can be used to cover your mortgage payments. The rent is paid to YOU.
  • No chain breaks.
  • It's fully legal. You will be represented by a solicitor.
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